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Here at World Rugs Emporium, we are proud to be able to offer one of the largest ranges of quality Large Rugs, Shaggy rugs and Modern rugs available online today.


As a well established company providing floor rugs for your home or place of work, we are sure we know just what our customers require when it comes to adding extra comfort to wooden panel flooring.

Take a look at our exclusive collection of luxury rugs, large rugs and modern rugs on our website and feast your eyes on the array of different styles and sizes that we have in stock, you won’t be left wanting.

  • If you do see any of our machine woven designs or our other home interior extras anywhere else for a lower price, please let us know. We can say with confidence that you won’t find any of the wool rugs for your lounge that we supply, made to the same high standards, at a cheaper cost. However, if you are quoted a price that is less than the one you see on our website, we promise to at least match it.
  • Moreover, you will receive our ethnic rugs or other styles without any extra charges for delivery. Please see the appropriate page on our website for further details concerning our delivery times and areas covered. If you’re looking for a company that endeavors to satisfy all its customers needs for purchasing kitchen area rugs or any other room in your house, you’ve definitely found the right team. Place your order with us today.
  • With over 40 years experience in the carpet trade and the last 20 years exclusively in rugs, the WorldRugsEmporium has an enviable reputation for excellent service and amazing value.
  • We believe that we can offer the best price on any rug we stock with an unbeatable service. If you should find any of the rugs we stock offered at a lower price including FREE UK DELIVERY, we will match the price and offer you one of our WorldRugsEmporium Vouchers which will make you a massive saving on the next rug you purchase.
  • If you have any questions or requests about any type of rug please click the contact button and we will be more then happy to help.


Whatever your preferences may be for your home interior design, we’re sure we can accommodate you with suitable machine produced or hand made rugs. Of course, everyone has their own particular tastes when it comes to creating a harmonious environment in your place of residence or office.

Trying to match your furniture with other interior appliances or carpets in your house can sometimes be an arduous task. Our contemporary rugs are the perfect solution for those of you who enjoy living in a modern living room or taking a shower in a bathroom fitted with up to date radiators. But don’t just take our word for it; take a look at our testimonials section for the positive feedback we receive on the cheap rugs that we provide.

We’re certain you’ll be impressed by the complimentary comments we get from our new and existing customers. As a progressive company offering solutions for your home’s floor decorations, we welcome any comments you would like to make about the floor rugs we have on offer. If you have just had your home completely renovated, turning your previously old fashioned house into a more open planned design, take a look at what we can do for you with our massive choices in stock.

In fact, our extra large rugs would be just what you’re looking for if you prefer to have wooden flooring throughout your house rather than it being carpeted. Pick up the phone today and give us a call.


This popular Chinese practice of improving the quality of your life including the health and wealth of people has been practiced by many believers for centuries. The traditional rugs that we supply over the internet come in an array of colours.

One of the beliefs of people who choose to arrange the furniture in their homes or workplace for the benefit of their business or general well being, is that colour plays an important role. Take a look at our red rugs that we have in our extensive ranges.

Whether you consider this colour to represent fire as feng shui enthusiasts do or you feel that this choice of rug would compliment the rest of your living room, why not purchase one today? A popular choice by our customers, are our cream rugs which do tend to go well together with wooden coffee tables and parquet flooring, complimenting each other extremely well.

Feng shui experts associate this colour as being connected with the earth, creating the positive energy of chi. When choosing rugs online for the purpose of covering their floors, most people think more about the practical aspects of the material and colour than how it looks.

We’ve all experienced the nightmare of knocking over a cup of coffee or spilling a glass of red wine on to one of your light coloured modern rugs. Darker coloured material used for these alternatives for carpets are a popular choice, especially amongst those who enjoy the odd dinner party.


Most of the quality stock that we provide has been manufactured in a variety of countries around the globe. As a company supplying well made ethnic rugs with a strong code of ethics, we endeavor to make sure that none of the items for covering your floors have been produced by using child labour.

We choose our suppliers very carefully, ensuring that the reasonably priced dining room area rugs we have in our ranges are ethically sound. The three countries we purchase our woven or hand produced carpet alternatives from are India, Belgium and China. None of the suppliers we do business with exploit children to manufacture the ranges of shaggy rugs or other styles that we sell online.

There are many countries, especially in Asia, which take advantage of using minors to produce all sorts of products, paying these kids next to nothing to increase the company’s profit margin. All of the hand made rugs that we buy from these overseas manufacturers are of the highest of quality, being put through very stringent quality assurance tests by ourselves.

The woven products that we have sent over from Belgium are manufactured using cutting edge technology and in up to date factories. If you do find a fault with any of the black rugs or other styles that you purchase from us, please inform us immediately. You will either receive a replacement which will be delivered to you immediately or we will give you a full refund. We offer a money back guarantee.


It is true to say that there are many unscrupulous companies selling products and services online. When searching for a reputable company providing red rugs or other coloured floor protectors, it’s essential that you choose a trust worthy supplier. There have been a few disturbing stories of people having their credit card details passed on to a third party leading to fraudulent activities. When you do decide to purchase any of our modern

  • Cheap Rugs  – At World Rugs Emporium we have a large range of cheap rugs at superior quality.  From cheap modern rugs, to cheap shaggy rugs and cheap traditional rugs, we have a rug to suit your home and pocket.
  • Extra Large Rugs – We have an extensive range of extra large rugs for large rooms in your home.  World Rugs Emporium stocks extra large shaggy rugs, extra large modern rugs, extra large traditional rugs and more.
  • Modern Rugs – For those customers who have a modern style home, we have a number of ranges of modern rugs to suit your decor.  From modern floral rugs, to modern shaggy rugs and modern textured rugs, the choice is yours.
  • Children’s Rugs – Looking for a perfect rug for your child’s bedroom?  We have a brand new range of kids rugs perfect for boys and girls.  From car shaped rugs to heart shaped rugs, we sell childrens rugs at unbeatable prices.
  • Circular Rugs – In need of a circle shaped rug for under a round table or curved corner?  World rugs emporium offers a wide range of circular rugs in many styles and colours.
  • Plain Rugs – If you need a plain coloured rug to add a bit of luxury to your home, look no further than our range of plain coloured rugs.
  • Carpet Runners – Got a corridor or narrow space that needs a spruce up?  Compliment your home with a runner from World Rugs Emporium, most available with matching rugs.
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